In Our Own Way: Everyday forms of Mental Health and Well-Being
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 2010

All my Relations and Well-Being: Spirituality & Mental Health
London, Ontario 2009

The Power of One: Person, Family, Community, Nation: Our Journey of Wellness on Mother Earth
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island 2008

Creator's Gifts as Tools for Mental Health & Wellness
Edmonton, Alberta 2007

Cultural Foundations for Wellness: Building on Strengths Connected with our Ancestors
Vancouver, British Columbia 2006

Culture and Collaboration Strengthening the Circle
Ottawa, Ontario 2005

Restoring our Lives: Family Health and Wellness
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia 2004

A Matter of Life: Suicide, Addictions and Mental Health
Calgary, Alberta 2003

Life Strategies: Challenges in Native Mental Health
London, Ontario 2002

What Works: Effects of Disabilities on Wholistic Wellness
Winnipeg, Manitoba 2001

Eliminating Barriers: In First Nation Communities & Other Aboriginal Contexts
Naramata, British Columbia 2000

Journey Towards Wellness
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 1999

Capacity Building
Montreal, Quebec 1998

Managing Transitions
Edmonton, Alberta 1997

Positive Lifestyles
Halifax, Nova Scotia 1996

Nurturing Relationships
Vancouver, British Columbia 1995

Mobilizing Community Resources
Ottawa, Ontario 1994

Native Mental Health Programming In Canada - An Update
Winnipeg, Manitoba 1993

Healing the Wounds of the Native Family
Ottawa, Ontario 1992

The Native Offender
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 1991

Helping the Native Helpers
Toronto, Ontario 1990

The Native Parent in a Changing World
Thunder Bay, Ontario 1989

Native Adolescents: Stepping Stones to the Future
Halifax, Nova Scotia 1988

Family Violence: A Native Perspective
London, Ontario 1987

Depression in the North American Indian: Causes and Preventions
Edmonton, Alberta 1986

Suicide in the North American Indian: Causes and Preventions
Ottawa, Ontario 1985

The Treatment of Alcoholism in the North American Native
Banff, Alberta 1984

The Native Family Traditions and Adaptations
Ottawa, Ontario 1983

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